Eating Disorders and Intuitive Healing.

February 3, 2012 – 9:04 am

Intuition has existed since the dawn of time, when the first hunter-gatherers looked for new hunting grounds sometimes they felt rather than saw or heard where the best catch could be found. Intuition is an ability which exists in all of us; we simply need to look for it, and it can actually be used for healing ourselves and others, once it is found.

Intuitive healing is a healing process when you heal yourself (or others) with the help of your own intuitive voice. It is when you listen to your intuitive voice and interact with it on a higher level.

Eating disorders respond to intuitive healing very well as do many other addictions. The problem with eating disorder sufferers is to hear their own intuitive voice they have to defeat their eating disorder voice. Eating disorder voices are very loud and override all other voices. It takes lots of practice to differentiate between them in your mind.

What is intuition?

Intuition actually means “the ability to acquire knowledge without the use of reason”. The word has been derived from the Latin word “Intueri” which means “to seek inside”. This ability does exist in all of us, we are simply too busy to look for it. Our minds are usually full of noise, especially eating disorder sufferer’s minds.  To hear your intuitive voice you need to blank out all the other noise in your head by clearing your mind.

How can you feel intuition?

Intuition can be felt as a feeling, a hunch, a dream, a sudden thought, a palpable vibration (in more intuitive people) or in countless other ways. The main way that you can distinguish intuition from other thoughts is by the strength of the thought. An intuition thought tells you something out of the blue? It is a feeling that makes you understand something to be true even if all the other senses in your body deny it.

In case of eating disorders the intuitive voice would guide you towards your recovery. If you hear it, it would lovingly tell you to love yourself and divert your thoughts from food to something more positive and constructive.

How can intuition be used for healing?

Most people simply overlook intuition and tend to underestimate its potential. The most important things in intuitive healing are:
– believe that you can be healed by a power that is higher than us.
– always be in a calm, loving state and be connected to the centre of your body
– feel your body’s energy : it can be in a form of subtle vibrations, tingling or other subtle body  sensations.
– ask for the healing of a particular part of the body or mind (this can be done by visualising, or actual asking)

Intuitive healing can be done by connecting to Seven Chakras.

Seven Chakras are seven energy sites that are located within the body. Intuitive healers, shamans and practitioners of Reiki all use these sites to help with the healing process. These chakras run from the tail of the spine all the way to the crown of the head and each part governs a particular functioning of the body. In the case of eating disorders these seven chakras are damaged and doesn’t function properly, blocking the energy flow and making people feel bad.  

Learning about the Seven Chakras and how they transmit and generate energy will help eating disorder sufferers to recover.


Meditation is a tool that will calm your body and mind. Thoughts, emotions and your physiological reactions are linked together. By calming your mind and body you calm your physiological reactions.  Eating disorder sufferers have physiological reactions such as food cravings, urges to overeat and binge, vomiting, anxiety, heart pounding, irritation, moodiness and the like.  With the help of meditation all these physiological reaction will be calmed down.

By connecting to your intuitive voice you will be able to control any eating disorder: anorexia, bulimia or binge eating.   

Believe in it, start learning about it and practice it!  http://www.meditation-sensation.com