4 Simple Steps on How to Be Happy.

September 28, 2009 – 12:33 pm

How to be happy? The pursuit of happiness has become a global obsession. But do all people achieve this blissful and desirable state like happiness? Well, the statistics show that nearly one in four Australians have some sort of emotional or mental problems. Plus many people who do not have any diagnosis of mental or emotional disorders do not consider themselves happy.

Of course there are many reasons today for people to be unhappy: like economical crisis, job crisis, relationship crisis, health problems and much more. But the main reason for unhappiness today is considered to be the negative thought patterns that people create in their own minds and people stick to these negative thought patterns as they seem to be unable to detach themselves from their negative thoughts.

But it doesn’t have to be that way because everyone can be happy and feel good about themselves regardless of their situation or backgrounds. And now I want to share with you 4 simple steps which can help you to feel happy at least most of the time in your life.
1st Step: is to Determine what happiness means to you. Just sit down, take a paper and a pen and write down what happiness means for you. Because if you don’t know what happiness means for you then the chances are that you will never be able to find happiness.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. For example, for one person it may mean being in a relationship, for someone else it may mean feeling you have the ability to handle whatever life throws at you or maybe you need to have a purpose in life to be happy or just simply to have more fun.

Whatever it is that makes you happy – but you have to be careful not to relate it to purely physical pleasure. Physical pleasure lasts for only a fleeting moment and it normally comes from the outside world and not from the internal world where true happiness comes from. Plus if you rely on only external things to make you happy, then you will certainly have problems defining what happiness really is.

2nd Step: Act as if you are already happy. Neuroscience now proves that “acting as if” you have a trait causes both brain changes and chemical changes throughout the body. Therefore “acting as if you are happy now” with attention to what you are doing is a very powerful technique for realising what happiness is.
Just think about this: “How does a happy person talk? How does a happy person walk? How does a happy person smile? “Imagine all these behaviours, fix them in your mind, then do it – act as if you are a happy person now .
Or in other words : “Fake it – until you make it.”

3rd Step: to gaining happiness is to Meditate
Meditation is proven to increase happiness and contentment within yourself and people who meditate regularly are much happier then people who do not.

You must meditate at least 10 min a day in order to clear your mind from the burden of everyday hassles and put your brain into certain brain wave activities that creates happiness. You may already know that our brain works on different brain wave lengths and that brain waves activity change throughout the day: when we are stressed our brains works on one level of brain wave activity, when we are relaxed and happy brain wave activity changes to a different wave type.

Research shows that regular meditation creates certain brain wave activity that is associated with relaxation, happiness and internal satisfaction.

4th Step: Love .
You have to love and be loved in this world in order to be happy. Everyone desires love even those who seem to be cold and detached, they still want to be loved. Love does not mean to only love the opposite sex, or just sexual attraction this is only one kind of love and normally ends up as being superficial anyway.
Love is a universal feeling: you can love what you do –your job or your hobby, you can love your family and friends, and you can love your house, your dog or your cat. You can love many things and your LOVE will make you happy. So , if you ever feel unhappy find love and love deeply, unconditionally and you will see that there is no better happiness then to love and be loved.

To sum up I want to say that there is no person in this room who can’t improve their life and can’t learn to be happy. We all can and deserve to be happy. And basically this is what our life is about? What is the deep meaning in our life? It is just to be happy and make others happy as well. Because “The person who is happy will make others happy, too.”

Why happiness is important? – Happier people are generally healthier people – not only mentally, but also physically. So you can see than happiness is actually something that is really important, and is something that you might want to increase if you can. And following the 4 steps will help you to do that. You only need to:

1. Determine what happiness means to you.
2. Acting as if you are happy now.
3. Meditation for at least 10 min a day
4. To Love all things as much as possible and as deeper as you possible can

And I guarantee that these 4 steps to happiness will make you happy forever!
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